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4x1 Hour
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Intermediate Level
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2 June - 23 June

Who is it for?

This academy is for people who are already working in the Facebook and/or LinkedIn ads managers but want to use all the possibilities and become better at navigating paid social. Which strategic considerations you should have before launching a campaign.

How to use the data you have available when executing your campaign. When and what to optimize based on. And most important; make sure you look good to the rest of your organization when reporting. 

What is in it?

The academy is a series of 4 free webinars starting 2nd of June. Each webinar will take an hour. After all four you will have an understanding of how to work with every phase of paid social media: Strategy, Execution, Optimization, and Reporting.

This is what you'll Learn

Week #01
June 2nd, 1PM CEST

Strategy & Planning

- How to create a strategy / playbook
- Targeting - which data can be used
- Objectives - which can be used for what
- Placements - which can be used for different purposes 
Week #02
June 9th, 1PM CEST

Campaign Execution

- How many target groups should you use
- How many ads/creatives
- Always on vs. campaign based communication
- How to allocate budget
Week #03
June 16th, 1PM CEST

Monitoring and Optimizing

- Which metrics should you base your optimisation on?
- Benchmarking
- How to filter/group data
- Compare FB/GA data
Week #04
June 23rd, 1PM CEST

Evaluation & Reporting

- Which metrics should you evaluate based on
- Stakeholder management - who wants to know what
- How can you learn from the campaigns you have created