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4x1 Hour
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Intermediate Level
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Recorded Summer 2021

What is the academy?

The academy is a series of 4 free on demand videos. Each takes approximately an hour. After watching all four you will have knowledge about Strategy, Execution, Optimization, and Reporting.

After completing all 4 videos, you’ll receive an official diploma for your participation.

Who is it for?

This academy is for people who are already working in the Facebook and/or LinkedIn ads managers but want to use all the possibilities and become better at navigating paid social. Which strategic considerations you should have before launching a campaign.

How to use the data you have available when executing your campaign. When and what to optimize based on. And most important; make sure you look good to the rest of your organization when reporting.

Covered topics include

Session #01

Strategy & Planning

- Strategic considerations - incl. setting goals that allign with the business strategy
- Classic content mistakes
- Tracking prevention
- Reach and frequency buying
session #02

Campaign Execution

- Estimate outcome of campaigns
- How to allocate budget
- Naming (and data) structure
- What to test 
session #03

Monitoring and Optimizing

- Which data you should you base your optimisation on
- Benchmarking
- Why and how to filter/group data
- Compare FB/GA data
session #04

Evaluation & Reporting

- What to report on
- Vizualising your results
- Templates
- Remember to deepdive