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Monitoring cross-campaign and cross-platform is one of the hardest things to do. Keep your master overview of all your campaigns in one place across your social media, Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts.

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Cross Platform

Social media platforms are walled gardens leaving you with a tunnel vision. deepdivr is the enabler providing you the cross-platform overview you've always wanted.

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Combined Brands

Typically multiple brands means multiple ad accounts, making it hard to work efficient. We do it differently, giving you the chance to combine all the brands you like on deepdivr.

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Ads Overview

Creatives matter. A lot. That's why we've made it easy for you to get a visual overview of all your ads and see what formats and creatives that drive the best performance. You can even see how your ad performs on your social media platforms or Google Ads and see the impact in your Google Analytics.

Customer Cathrine
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deepdivr provides a great overview of campaigns and makes optimization of paid social super easy. Furthermore, the platform makes it possible to customize your own dashboards for campaign KPI’s and benchmarking.
Cathrine Burhøj Jerris
CRM & Marketing Automation Manager

Lindhardt & Ringhof Case Study

In general, December is a busy month, but even more so at Lindhardt & Ringhof who ran 466 Facebook campaigns on two brands: Lindhardt & Ringhof and Forlaget Carlsen. Being one of the biggest publishers in Denmark, they must create awareness and showcase their broad catalog of books. To do that month after month is very demanding.

First, it requires a great team that knows all about paid social, how to multitask, and how to keep an eye on the ball. But even the best teams need great tools to help them out. Getting an overview of almost 500 Facebook campaigns and report back to stakeholders is not an easy job in native Ad Managers or Excel.

That's why Lindhardt & Ringhof started using deepdivr in the summer of 2020. Six months later, they rated deepdivr 10/10 in NPS and 5/5 on G2.

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