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Classic content mistakes

Creating content for social media channels can be difficult because 'what works' often changes. But there are som tricks and guidelines that will get you far - regardless of which industry you are working in.

Watch this video and get those tips and tricks!


Tracking prevention

We’ve been used to having a lot of data - now we have less, thanks to App Tracking Transparency (Apple iOS 14) and cookie consent. Times are changing and it's really important that you know how this will affect your tracking and campaigns.


Reach & frequency buying

'Reach and Frequency' buying has some great advantages - e.g. giving you a fixed CPM price before your campaign is launched, but there is more to it!

Watch this video to learn more about what Reach and Frequency buying is, and when and how to use it.


Objectives and placements

It can be tricky figuring out what the different campaign objectives can be used for, and which placements to select for your ads.

In this video, we’ll talk you through the pros and cons to help you in your campaign creation.


Estimate outcome of your campaigns

How many will this campaign reach? How many conversions will we get? How many video views can we expect?

Do your colleagues or manager ask you these questions when you're about to set up a social media campaign? We have heard these questions a million times!

Knowing what to expect before launching a social media campaign can be difficult, but we've got you covered!

Watch this webinar and learn how to predict the outcome of your paid social campaigns.


Paul Slovic Experiment Explained by Kristoffer

Paul Slovic conducted an experiment in 1973 on prediction accuracy. It shows that as the amount of available information increases (a) accuracy remains stable, (b)confidence rises sharply, and (c) judgment policies exhibit morerandom error.

Our CEO Kristoffer, explains that just as this experiment shows, it's important to focus what's important and not base decisions on too many metrics.


Kristoffer talks about Simpsons's Paradox

Simpson's paradox, which also goes by several other names, is a phenomenon in probability and statistics in which a trend appears in several groups of data but disappears or reverses when the groups are combined.

This is important when making decisions on what campaigns or creatives work the best. Our CEO Kristoffer goes over this in more detail in this short video.


How Google Analytics can improve your Social Media Marketing

This webinar is for anyone working with social media, who would like to learn how to measure the value of their work in Google Analytics. The webinar will cover these topics:

1. Why measure your performance also in Google Analytics?
2. How to combine data from the two platforms
3. Case: how does YouTv measure their social media performance


3 Principles to Maximize your Advertising ROI

This recorded webinar is for anyone interested in increasing the ROI and effectiveness of their advertisement. My two speakers, Dan White and Kristoffer Nygaard will cover these three principles:

1. Be clear on the role of your communication
2. Choose the right media combination
3. Optimize your creative in different media