Reach and Frequency buying guide to your paid social

Learn how Reach and Frequency buying will help you predict your campaign's performance even before you launch them. You’ll get predictable reach, control your frequency, and see what’s your CPM going to be like. All the while, you’ll get a calculation of the budget that it will require.

reach and frequency buying method

What you'll learn

how does reach and frequency buying work

How Reach & Frequency buying works

Find out how R&F buying can lift your campaigns ad recall and increase buying intent.

ad sequencing

Launch an Ad Sequence

Tell your brand’s story, or put your product into context through sequence of your ads. Check how Adidas used ad sequence to sell more of their products.

how to set up reach and frequency buying campaign

How to set it up

Learn how to set up R&F buying campaign so you know what to expect.

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