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Customer Michelle from Orkla
"The fact that I can easily add several Ad Accounts and Platforms, such as Google Analytics saves me time as I can easily see the performance across our activities in one single space."
Michelle Loken | Social Media Manager | Orkla
Keep stakeholders updated

Streamline your Reporting. 3x Faster. 

deepdivr enables you to get exactly the report you need when you need it. With our cross platform reporting tools, we will supercharge your reporting workflow, especially using the real-time dashboard sharing link.

You can build your own customized template, or choose one from our template library, which is created to suit the different needs that stakeholders have. 

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Have a Crystal Clear Overview. Always.

With deepdivr, you can finally get an overview across multiple platforms, markets, brands or stages in your marketing funnel.

You can easily see your combined performance and split the data to get a detailed view on specific objectives.

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Maximise your Impact.

deepdivr helps you dive into a campaign or segment and see where your spend has the biggest impact. In a quick and easy way, you can group your data in multiple ways to uncover optimisation insights that you would have otherwise missed.

Our platform also identifies poor performing areas and helps you correct sooner than later, so your money can be spent on better things!

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CUStomer cases

We Love Happy Customers

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deepdivr is a powerful analytics tool for paid social optimizationthat really suits companies with multiple brands in several markets.

Working in an international company with multiple brands in several markets, we need to work smart and utilize marketing data.

Using deepdivr helps us do just that with customized dashboards highlighting insights and ways to optimize campaigns.

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I've spent several hours on manually creating in-depth reports, with deepdivr I can create the same reports in a fraction of the time I used to spend.

The greatest problem deepdivr solved for me is the time spent on reporting. I've saved a lot of time on quickly exporting nice-looking reports from the tool, which allows me to spend more time on other projects that are demanding my attention.

It's the greatest social media reporting & analytics tool I've used.

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Spending Less time on Reporting

We have saved a lot of time on collecting and analyzing data. I believe we save approx. 75 % of the time we used to spend on reporting from Facebook’s Business Manager.

deepdivr provides easy to use templates in our own brand colors which makes it easy for us to share with internal and external stakeholders.

WE assist in your goals

You set the Targets.
We help you Reach them.

We take extra measures to make sure that every customer recieves world class onboarding. We also provide: 

Sparring and Strategy
Tactical Reviews
Status and Checkups
Tips and Tricks
Customer Success Kristoffer Kania
Kristoffer | CEO
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