A Case Story of Increasing Marketing Effectiveness

In March 2020 Orkla Health decided to partner with deepdivr to increase effectiveness of their paid social campaigns and ease reporting.

Michelle Løken joined Orkla Health December 2019. A company under Orkla Group, the largest consumer goods company in the Nordics & Baltics.

Joining Orkla from Drum and before that Resolution Media, Michelle had a strong understanding for the importance of deep diving into campaign metrics to increase performance and return on ad spend. On top she needed an easy way to streamline reporting to senior management. 

Increase in ROAS
Cost per Conversion
Budget Increase
Customer Michelle from Orkla
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When signing up for the platform, I did not know they would be so invested in our success and be such great sparring partners.

For someone who left an agency to work in-house, I highly appreciate having someone I can spare with at the same level as I could in the agency.
Michelle Løken
Social Media Manager

Three key priorities for Orkla

  • Increase business results from social media campaigns through better campaign execution
  • Save time on social media marketing reporting, while streamlining the report
  • Improve understanding of Orkla Health’s target audience, base decisions on validated data
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1. Increase Business Results

Key changes based on data from deepdivr

  • Aligning campaign objectives
  • Changing budget split
  • Expanding best performing target groups 
  • Doubling down on best performing types of ads 
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2. Save Time on Reporting

What do you like the best?
“I've spent several hours on manually creating in-depth reports, with deepdivr I can create the same reports in a fraction of the time I used to spend.”

What problems are you solving with the product?
"The greatest problem deepdivr solved for me is the time spent on reporting. I've saved a lot of time on quickly exporting nice-looking reports from the tool, which allows me to spend more time on other projects that are demanding my attention.”

"The greatest social media reporting & analytics tool I've used” 

Illustrations of Reporting

3. Improve understanding of Orkla Health’s target audience


Conversions: Increase spend on target groups that include older men, as they are converting very well (see image).

Awareness: Expand on broad targeting and pause interest based targeting.

Conversions: Move budget from awareness to conversion. Conversions: Extend lookalikes audiences to 10% 

Orkla Case Graph 2
Four graphs visually showing why it made sense to include older men in more target groups as they were converting very well and only part of a fraction of the ad sets. 1. male 55-64 and 45-54, second highest and third highest number of conversions. 2. Male 55-64, 18-24, and 45-54 second, third and fourth cheapest segments. 3. The 4 highest reaching demographic segments are female. 4. 5 female demographic segments has been allocated the highest spend. 
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