A Case Story of in-housing Social Media Advertisement and Beating the Agency

Re-launch of ‘REACH LX’ trainers on Facebook and Instagram

When launching the REACH LX campaign it was important that the hummel team could demonstrate that performance had improved with their new organizational setup including running paid social in-house.The campaign consisted of both top-, mid- and low-funnel activities and ran in hummel’s three main markets: UK, Germany and Denmark.

Firstly, the hummel team used deepdivr to monitor and optimize the campaign continuously. Secondly, they used the platform to evaluate and report back to stakeholders, e.g. management.

Increase in Purchases
Lower Cost per Purchase
Customer Janni
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Working in an international company with multiple brands in several markets, we need to work smart and utilize marketing data. Using deepdivr helps us do just that with customized dashboards highlighting insights and ways to optimize campaigns.
Janni Mørch Iversen
Digital & SoMe Specialist

Three key priorities for Hummel

  • Beat the ex-media agency's performance
  • Generate as many sales and possible
  • Optimize the budget allocation accross markets
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1. Beating the Media Agency’s Performance

hummel’s in-house team succeeded in beating the agency’s performance and established themselves as a high-performance team within hummel. Using deepdivr made it easier for the team to monitor and optimize the campaign frequently.

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2. Generate as Many Sales as Possible

By monitoring and adjusting all the different Facebook campaigns and targeting strategies, hummel kept a low cost per conversion and boosted their online sales during a very competitive time in the world of e-commerce.

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3. Optimize Budget Allocationacross Markets

Having multiple targeting strategies and audiences in several Facebook campaigns in three different markets add up to a lot of data sets.

hummel used deepdivr to bundle data across markets and audiences and quickly dive into specific key breakdowns.

By grouping all ad sets into just five different strategies such as interested-based audiences, retargeting and lookalike it became clear that hummel needed to re-allocate the budget to get the best performance.

The best strategy gained an impressive 7x better performance.

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